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Palliative care is a specialized type of medical care for people with a life-threatening illness, such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma. The purpose of this type of medical treatment is to provide patients with relief from symptoms and maximize their quality of life. It focuses on increasing comfort through prevention and treatment of distressing symptoms. In addition to expert symptom management, palliative care focuses on clear communication, advance planning, and coordination of care.

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is celebrated on second Saturday of October.

Palliative care in kerala

Palliative Care for Cancer

Palliative care does not focus on curing disease rather helping to live with it. In fact, palliative care plans may include chemotherapy or radiation therapy if the goal is to provide relief of symptoms, as opposed to curing cancer.

Cancer patients who are undergoing curative cancer therapy are also prime candidates for palliative care. Aggressive palliative care can relieve distressing side effects from cancer treatment such as nausea and vomiting, fatigue, pain, and thrush are just a few of the symptoms palliative care can address.

Palliative care not only consider the physical symptoms associated with cancer, but it also considers all other types of sufferings, including spiritual dilemmas and social issues, as well as the emotional needs of yourself and your loved ones.

Palliative Care Is Not Only For Cancer

Other serious illnesses can also benefit from palliative care. Heart failure patients can get relief from chest pain, fluid retention, and shortness of breath.

Liver failure patients can receive intensive treatments for abdominal pain and swelling, itching, and nausea. Patients with respiratory disease can manage shortness of breath and improve quality of life. In short, any serious illness that negatively impacts a patient's quality of life can benefit from palliative care.

Palliative Care in Kerala State

Kerala is the only state which has a formal palliative care policy and the government itself provides fund for community-based care programmes. Palliative Care advocates around the world are studying kerala's potent combination of government support and civic involvement in end-of-life care programme.

India has been ranked as one of the worst places in the world to die but only kerala- a tiny state in india provides a good end of life care . With only 3% of India's population, Kerala provides two-third of India's palliative care services.

The bottom ranks of the Quality of Death Index are dominated by developing countries and BRIC countries such as India, Mexico, Brazil, and Uganda, where progress on providing end-of-life care is slow. Taiwan has the highest rank in Asia, at 6th position. India is in 67th rank.

The upper ranks of the index are dominated by wealthy European, Asia-Pacific and North American Countries. Australia is second , New Zealand third and Ireland And Belgium complete the top five.

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