Dental tourism � Enjoy holidays and take home �A GOOD SMILE� with great memories.

Dental Tourism is a budding concept for a planned vacation along with total Dental Care. Dental treatments are at higher cost in most of the foreign countries compared to India. The difference in the charge of a Dentist from foreign country to India is worth a thought. The cost of dental treatment in the western countries is said to be approximately 5-10 times more than that in India. That is why India has recently become a major tourist hub of Dental treatment. Apart from the reasonable cost, the advanced infrastructure and up-to-date technology India has become a favoured destination for dental treatment. Savings are only meaningful if the patients receive quality treatment, equal to or better than that available in the country.

Every year lots of people fly from USA, Europe and Middle East to India for a grand holiday and dental treatment. As Dental treatment does not require hospitalization or long recovery time tourists can plan and use the inter appointment and post treatment and leisure time to visit any location in and around places. Hence dental tourism is an ideal tourist activity in refreshing mind as well as rejuvenates smile and bite.

Kerala is popular amongst Dental Tourists for a number of reasons. Kerala Tourism offers tour packages that combine medical treatment with a restful holiday in Kerala. The world-class hospital facilities, pre- and post�-operative care and pleasant climate make your medical treatment and recovery in Kerala a positive experience.

Apart from providing high- quality medical care for low prices, the area is relatively easy to access and boasts a temperate climate year round. Visitors will be able to communicate easily with their doctors and the public and will have the finest amenities available, both in the hospital and in their hotels.

Palliative Care in Kerala State

Kerala has a pool of trained doctors and nurses and an excellent network of hospitals that offer international standard treatments at very affordable prices. Doctors from Kerala are highly appreciated all around the world for their degree of professionalism and compassionate care.

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